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i may fall. by asexua-lly

Heart goes on by Tea-StrawberryStrawberry Pocky II by SkaianAngel
Flower Stamp by RaiynClowdStamp | Dreamer by CuteSight


sakura by Toujika
Can I have a request?
No sorry, I don't take request.

What program do you use?
Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop

Do you use tablet?
Yes, a Wacom bamboo capture

Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?
Sure!! I will love that ; v ; :heart:
Just please link it to me or use the DA mention system :3

Can I use your work for edit or recolor?
NO please, don't do that...

Can I make bases of your work?
Yes, and no, please if you want to make a base of my work please ask me first!!!

How long have you been drawing?
Like 2 or 3 years

Can we make an Art Trade?
I only make Art Trades with my friends and with artist I'm interest

Can I add you to Facebook/Skype?
No sorry, I only add friends and family

Which is your native language?
Latin Spanish (For that my English is not so good X'D)

What is your favorite color?
Blue, Red and Black :3

What is your favorite video game?
Pokemon * ^ * (I love pokemon Heart) Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the hedgehog videogames, Layton

What is your favorite food?
Chinese food, Spaghetti, Pizza, Sushi, burgers, etc, etc :3

What are your favorite animals?
Bats, wolfs,dogs,cats,rabbits, lions, and many more XD

Have another question? You can ask me in the comments!

Free aquarium pixel 2 by cinnabutt

© C r e d i t s .


All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose

Codes Css © SimplySilent & CodingTrash & Colbyr
Backgrounds, pixels and other decorations © their respective owners




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Huge feature journal

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2016, 7:01 AM

Look at all this artist omg O - o!!
Well I made a status were I ask you to write the name of an artist that you thing they need more watchers, etc, so here they are!
Some of them can't enter here because they were already a lot of artist so, maybe in another time I will make something like this again!
So here are some of the artist that some of you recomend!
(please take your time to see all this wonderfull work, and show your support to all this awesome artist!


Yellow Eyes by Dae-Thalin Galactic Lion by Dae-Thalin Sardo by Dae-Thalin


...bohinj V... by roblfc1892 budapest LVIII by roblfc1892 ...laghi di fusine XII... by roblfc1892


My Hero by MabyMin Cute Deadpool is here by MabyMin Hairy Beast by MabyMin


Summer avatar! by LindaRoze Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) by LindaRoze Cerebella (Skullgirls) by LindaRoze


Flower Maiden by antiander-art Discover the Faith by antiander-art Harmony_around_(Commision) by antiander-art


Magical Girl Mimi the Loli Goddess by PencilTales Medabots Meda Queen Bee FC by PencilTales Melody New Reference Sheet by PencilTales

MarkJack - BacktoBack by cartoonjunkie CJ and The Warners by cartoonjunkie GabrielSylar by cartoonjunkie


Serenity by NCMares -Collab- And Then There Were Five by NCMares Just One Shot of Espresso? by NCMares


Ember WIP by Nakijan Adah Design Concept by Nakijan Winterwoods by Nakijan


Heaven Scent by CaptiveLegacy every scar will build my throne by CaptiveLegacy YCH Commission: Griwi by CaptiveLegacy


.Kitty Sans. by LiqoriceLace .Muah. by LiqoriceLace .Phion update. by LiqoriceLace


hes trying okay by Iactose The Pumpkin King by Iactose first you treat me as i was a joke by Iactose


Custom Dragon - Sanguinem-Luna by Floofurr Custom Centauress by Floofurr The Two whom were lost by Floofurr


Donation Pool? by dudewithaShotgun Phil (perspective practice) by dudewithaShotgun Scene test by dudewithaShotgun


sketchy sketch by SlendyFox321 My Starter by SlendyFox321  Forte by SlendyFox321


Dance with the Devil by chibimonk Formal Wear Tentacle Monster by chibimonk  Kitty Cap Hattie by chibimonk

Saffron Masala by raiwee Ugh by raiwee Pinkie Pie by raiwee


You're not afraid of anything by Loukaina Star Sky by Loukaina Liberty by Loukaina


Meeting the parent by Yaaaco17 dusk shine by Yaaaco17 AT with smileverse by Yaaaco17


Bar by inverseskies Ice Bear by inverseskies Commission 03 by inverseskies


[OMGOCT] See, Hear, and Speak No Evil by AngelDracon  Chrysocolla: Adoptable for PanthaKyat21 by AngelDracon China Jade: Adoptable for NotSoGrumpJinx by AngelDracon


Can you stop? by Scarletskitty12 Other Species: Zebra by Scarletskitty12 The Night Princess by Scarletskitty12


Happy kitter by LuckyZorua So how bout those new starters by LuckyZorua Bloop by LuckyZorua


P : Bunny by H-analea P : Sugar Cookie by H-analea DTA CE : Abe by H-analea


Gemsona Challenge Day 3: Background by LeesiGalaxy Sphalerite Steven! by LeesiGalaxy Must I Keep Fighting? by LeesiGalaxy


Parental Horses by SpellDecoder Spacing Out by SpellDecoder Purple n' Pretty (Custom) by SpellDecoder


If you be my star, ill be your sky by mack2349 Soul on fire by mack2349 <da:thumb id="616696991"/> 


The Princess and the Punk by PurfectPrincessGirl We Have ALOT to Catch Up On~ by PurfectPrincessGirl Ariel by PurfectPrincessGirl


Underfell Sans Headshot by ChibiShay  Sun Touched by ChibiShay Alice and the Hatter [Color Practice] by ChibiShay


Prince by TechGalaxy RAINBOW MOM by TechGalaxy Color palette Topaz by TechGalaxy 


Gold Sheen Obsidian by GHRainbowFluorite Beachsona by GHRainbowFluorite Triplite - CoD - Event 1 by GHRainbowFluorite


[Magic Class] Week 1 - Fire by Zentok Hekabe SD by Zentok [RoF] Rite of Merit - Amelie by Zentok


For Superrosey16 by RickySchwifty + | Paint Pagedoll | + by RickySchwifty Lapis Saphire Pon Adopt~ (SOLD) by RickySchwifty


Commission - Willow and Coco by LolloTheVaporeon Commission - Exploring a Dungeon by LolloTheVaporeon Commission: Sica the Breloom by LolloTheVaporeon


Rarity Griffon Redesign by FarewellDecency Lunar Walk (Solo) by FarewellDecency Commission for The-Smiling-Pony by FarewellDecency


Gummy pupper by SmeefTheKoalaChrisKun by SmeefTheKoala Axis Chibi Commission by SmeefTheKoala


Nightmare Fluttershy Animation Test by FernwolfStar (Speedpaint) Sugar Cube Contest Entry by FernwolfStar DiamondMelodymlp Sketchy Commish by FernwolfStar

Gummy Buddies by StarbitPaws  Floofy Furret by StarbitPaws  :AT: Cloudehpaws by StarbitPaws


Spring rain by Artdirector123 Monkey boy by Artdirector123 One Little Trip cover art by Artdirector123


Odd Friendship by AmberTheOwl New sweater! by AmberTheOwl Where No One Goes| Colored by AmberTheOwl


BACKWARDS SMILE by SurMiulivas eats panda express by SurMiulivasElastic by SurMiulivas


MLP: Sarina RIng's memories of her past by Paladin360 MLP: The Hunt for the Big Meanie by Paladin360 MLP: Ironhoof by Paladin360


Art Trades with OceanAuss by nikki-draws A Gift for JSPatronus. by nikki-draws  New. by nikki-draws


MLP My ocs : Update Party Pie [BASES] by oOoPartyPieoOo MLP Ocs : BOOP! got your nose :3 by oOoPartyPieoOoMlp : |Jason | my oc by oOoPartyPieoOo


Sometimes I have to cheer myself up~ by ShadowsOfHeartWork CCxJasper sketchies~ by ShadowsOfHeartWork Sibling Bonding~ by ShadowsOfHeartWork


Soul the cow: My OC by DreamCentral MLP the next gen: Lucky Star by DreamCentral GACKT Pony by DreamCentral


[Art-trade] SilverLight Fly by Posy-Docsy  Paine and Camy by Posy-Docsy Posy nuevo estilo by Posy-Docsy


Stars by DrawPons Pastelspots by DrawPons Peeved by DrawPons 


<da:thumb id="621792499"/> <da:thumb id="620374877"/> #13 by svndae


Discord... why... (speedpaint) by HalopieXD Sleeping by HalopieXD Fanart of Rostigli (youtuber) by HalopieXD


Long sleeved sweaters by SKTDaArtist Cry[ing] Baby by SKTDaArtist Human Wander au by SKTDaArtist


Requested: You thinking what I'm thinking? by CBear624 No... not again... by CBear624 Requested: In Complete Denial (READ DESCRIPTION) by CBear624


When you're alone at night by Mechanical-Masochist  [AP] Rolling into sleep by Mechanical-Masochist Erik by Mechanical-Masochist


Pixel and Sunny by SonataBlaze Emma the Filly Butterfly by SonataBlaze Strawberry Melody chibi pony! by SonataBlaze 


DullHeart (older) by SassyFoxSuperHero <da:thumb id="614584980"/> Cotton Candy by SassyFoxSuperHero


My New Oc by RarityGamer37 Love you too Sketchy by RarityGamer37 Just an art trade by RarityGamer37

Kuro's Rebirth, Kali's Shadow (Chapter 1)

Kuro's Rebirth, Kali's Shadow - Chapter 1

It seemed as though the world was frozen in this moment.
The forest was burning. The last spirit of that infernal tree lay dying at her feet, and the burning light was trapped firmly in her talons. After all the trouble she had gone through to ensure it, Kuro had finally torn down the last threat to what remained of her nest. She supposed she should have been feeling... something. Victorious, maybe, at least relieved? But then that other creature came running, didn't stop for all that she loomed over the both of them.
Then that creature took the spirit in its arms and cradled it close, and she very well recognized the grief on its face. It was enough to make her realize; the creature was a mother, and the spirit its child.
A mother holding her child close even as it slips away from her forever. Kuro knew that pain thrice over... And yet, for all her resolutions, she had brought that pain upon another.
Silence, or as silen
 Lost and Never Found by HardToThinkOfName Chases-Starlight by HardToThinkOfName


I am a Raptor Mom by Tia-the-Silver-Ninja Dinosaur Ninja by Tia-the-Silver-Ninja Riuko by Tia-the-Silver-Ninja


ROLF /Dark Shepard/ (Color) by TwistedTwisty Lopunny sprite animation (click) by TwistedTwisty Chibi Adopt (OPEN) by TwistedTwisty


The Deep Sweet collection: Milkshark by dragon-blood-runs Naga Goddess of Nature by dragon-blood-runs Hai! by dragon-blood-runs


3 Edgy 5 Me by LilyIsTheBaka Mlp Next Gen Mane 6 by LilyIsTheBakaThank you SuperRosey16! (SpeedPaint) by LilyIsTheBaka


[G] Ari090 by RDcrystalheart Soarin Doll by RDcrystalheart [RQ] //Color Sketch// Azure Mular by RDcrystalheart


Mystic Shadow Reference Sheet by SoarinDash889 Next gen - Scarlet Rose and Toffee Cream by SoarinDash889 Next gen mane 7~ by SoarinDash889


H-hi! -Collab- by RosyPony Adam by RosyPony  Just Kiss Me You Fool~ (Collab) by RosyPony


Next Generation: Necromancer by mlpkat Adult Spike by mlpkat Falling (Birb) Feather by mlpkat


Want To Fight Me Bro by junetheicecat male pony for Pwrcat70 by junetheicecat Ellie X Henry by junetheicecat


Happy Birthday Ruu!! by The-Cupcake-Crew Day 2 Gift!! by The-Cupcake-Crew KaraMILKu by The-Cupcake-Crew


Happy Birthday~ by FrozenGem Sisters are always there by FrozenGem Spearmint Twist by FrozenGem


Nefarious Eyru by Daydallas CC the Galaxy Aetfi Antro by Daydallas Rider And Her Uni by Daydallas


.AT. Ill Pose For You by PeacefulBee Twilight Forest: Cover by PeacefulBee Waterdog DTA Entry 1 by PeacefulBee


Wine Grapes by SYFYNUT Tree Roots Uplifted by SYFYNUT Black Rockies by SYFYNUT


The Arrangement by NorthernLights8 Here, Take My Cape by NorthernLights8 Happy Fourth of July! by NorthernLights8


 Advent butterfly Faekli open by Berrylilly Tia's power by Berrylilly Starry Frost by Berrylilly


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Paypal by Th3EmOoI ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia
Note me stamp by JoyfoolThank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123Reply Comments Stamp by Mirz123Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123
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Commissions prices sheet by hikariviny

Mexican Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuyAmerican English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuyBrazilian Portuguese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuyJapanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

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Stamps, Stamps everywere (ノ*゚▽゚*)


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